BREASTFEEDING: How Family & Friends Can Support A Lactating Mother

Breastfeeding is an important phase in the growth of every child. For us to be healthy and well-developed, we ought to breastfeed, save for the minor cases where no lactation takes place. Even with the importance breastfeeding comes with, it is neglected by those around a nursing mother and it is thought to only be a mother’s business. Did you know as part of a nursing mother’s environment you can affect milk let out positively or negatively?

Once a baby is born, the mother experiences fear and doubt, looking at a young one who fully depends on them 24/7. During this time, mothers need both physical and emotional support from those around them, in order to effectively breastfeed the newborn. The nursing period is a fragile part of motherhood and if not supported, they could easily fall into depression that could lead to neglecting the child and even themselves.

Whether we are referring to a new mum or a repeat mum, after a baby is born they all go through emotional distress and instability. It is therefore advised that those around a nursing mother provide support such as reassuring the mother that she is capable of bringing up the newborn, that she will heal well, and that she will overcome all the pressures of taking care of a young one, among other compliments to uplift her.

For physical support, it is good to offer her a break from the baby even if it is for a few minutes. You can also help the mom by changing the baby’s diapers, bathing them, taking them to stroll, burping the baby after breastfeeding and helping with night feeding of pre-pumped breast milk. You can ask a breastfeeding mom what help they need the most and do it without a second thought. This will allow her to take a shower, take care of other house hold chores, and cook e.t.c offering a cup of tea while she is taking care of the baby also goes along way for a nursing mother.

For all the necessities, a helpful partner and supportive family can make a huge difference and help improve the mental and emotional health of the mother. Husbands, relatives, workmates and even friends around a nursing mother should therefore strive to provide a conducive environment both emotionally and physically for the sake of both the mother and child.

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