From a casual labourer at a construction site to a building construction engineer

For most young men, after clearing high school, construction sites are often where they look first to fend for their daily needs before either joining university or college. There they become casual laborers paired with construction experts. Samuel Wekesa would happen to develop a passion for construction after working on a construction site for four months. Despite the tedious days at work, and little pay, he admired the experts and this changed his mind about what he wanted to do in school.

The first classes in his first year in the university he says, were bliss because he had a practical understanding from the four months of ‘experience’ he had gained after high school. Today, Wekesa is a fully-fledged engineer and he does not regret once working at the construction site as a casual laborer. “I urge the youth to engage in meaningful activities as they most definitely will translate to be of substantial benefit in their lives. Do not just sit at home waiting for better days without trying out something.” Said Samuel Wekesa, an engineer in building construction.
Samuel Wekesa believes there is nothing like lack if one does not engage in progressive activities. “Sitting around and complaining as it has become the norm for most young people will not result in anything good,” says Wekesa.

Passionate about what he does, Wekesa also touches on his field of expertise; building and construction. The young man advises potential house owners to undertake due diligence when it comes to engaging contractors and even the various experts involved in construction. He notes that even after graduates are released into the practice every year, quacks too join the booming industry disguised as 'experts with experience’.

Samuel Wekesa is a youth in business and also evidence that nothing comes without hard work. His encouragement to the youth is that nothing is impossible once you put your mind to it, and allow God to be the lead.