It Is Not A Lost Cause For The Boychild, How To Solve The Boy Child Crisis

The boychild burden has slowly but surely been building on both men and women. One by one we see those pressed by this burden answer the call of reviving the boychild, saving the boychild and recalling the lost man. For many years, intentionally and unintentionally, communities across the globe have directed effort and energy towards the girl child. This has been through equipping them emotionally, mentally, spiritually and even financially. While the intention may have come from a good place, the amplification of a ‘strong independent woman’ has birthed a neglected and destroyed man. Years on, we have begun to feel the absence of the man in the society, the deteriorating state of the boychild and a fading existence of the Biblical Priest, Prophet, Provider and Protector. David Muriungi, founder of Converge Consult, is a man who carries the burden of the boychild. Now a family man, he says he can relate with the struggle the boychild undergoes, having gone through a tough time as a boy and young man. Sexual struggles, identity crisis, loss of direction, cluelessness and desperation, are some of the difficulties Mr. Muriungi outlines as ailing factors in the lives of the boy and the man of today. Today, Muriungi intends to facilitate a smooth transition for the boychild; from boyhood to manhood through mentorship programs. This is by guiding them into an intentional life with a sober focus on the right things. Also, by assisting boys and young men discover themselves, their potential and purpose with decent grounding to guide them to their destiny. 

Dominant Masculinity 

Crisis There are two types of crisis that affect masculinity; The fatherhood crisis and Identity Crisis. A father is a key pillar into the development of a man and he influences the esteem, identity and worldview of the boychild. For identity, there is a misconstrued notion of who a man is, and what the role of the man is. According to Mr. Muriungu, The identity crisis of a man comes in when culture, modernity and societal expectations clash and expectations surpass reality, and in between there, the real definition and role of a man is disfigured. “Knowledge is a very critical factor in the development of a man and therefore if one lacks knowledge or has the wrong knowledge, they will end up making mistakes and not being the man, the Lord has ordained them to be.” Said David Muriungu, Founder of Converge Consult Surprisingly, ‘handling technology’ is a fast-growing crisis that should not be ignored. The reason behind this ‘new’ crisis is because the child of today is exposed to technology at a very tender age. Online content tends to either grow imposter syndrome in them, this is one underestimates their own values, skills, and accomplishments. On the flipside, one could develop overconfidence that with time into ignorance and arrogance. Therefore, being a man of substance under the pressures and influences of technology can be a real problem, if there is lack of guidance and grounding. Attention Deficit Disorder is common among the male children and this is caused by excess use of technology, video games, consuming too much content on television and such sources. The early use of technology interferes with the Intelligence Quotient of a child and one of the negative effects is the Stunted Social Growth. For example, concentration on manual or social skills is highly affected and this could result to inability to interact with their peers and even the opposite sex. This is evident in our society today where a child refuses to move out of his parent’s home for fear of the real world. 

Call To Action 

Parents have a big role to play in shaping the man of today. Regulating what a child consumes gives the child a form of grounding and protection from external pressures therefore providing natural growth into adulthood. Instilling values in children is better than having to manage a crisis when its almost too late. At the age of 8, a child becomes inquisitive, by the time they reach the pubescent age their brains become big in terms of size and even comprehension. However, the comprehension is just logic but there is no science behind it. Emotionally, they might be lacking and that is why if not regulated their emotional and mental growth might be swayed in any direction.” Said David Muriungi. 

Enrolling children in their teenage to mentorship programs is one of the hacks at the disposal of parents from both single parenthood and normal setting families. This has largely impacted the lives of young men at their point of transition. Programs such as Boys Mentorship Program under Converge Consult helps instill intentionality in the development of the boychild. The mentorship provided at individual and group level also helps govern the transition of the boychild, eventually birthing a man of substance into the society. 

Despite the evolution of technology and cultures around us, intentional parenting is key and important in shaping the man the society needs. However, if this was missed, all is not lost, institutions and individuals dedicated to mentoring boys and men salvage and revive the original man created to rule over the earth.