Wycliffe Favor: Criminal & Street Boy Saved Into The Singing Ministry

Wycliffe Favour is a minister of the word, gospel musician and serving youth from Bunyore, Vihiga County who now resides in Nairobi. Before receiving Christ, Wycliffe was a street urchin, living in the street, eating from the bins, stealing from people and indulging in all
sorts of crime for a living. He recounts being put to jail after which he was taken to the children’s court, judged and deployed to Wamumu approved school. Wycliffe says even after being taken to the institution, he missed the street life and he would within no time
plan to escape together with a friend.

After returning to the streets of Nairobi, Wycliffe says he encountered Christ in the most unexpected way. After days of hustle and bustle in the streets, a street pastor by and preached the word to them, and one day in his absentia, his friends were led to salvation
and they were moved from the streets. The man of God rented a house for them to share and this is where Wycliffe sort refuge, but the boys demanded that he pay them daily for him to sleep there.

One day, when the boys had gone out, he was left alone in the house where the pastor who was also a police officer found him. Unknown to him, Wycliffe says he was interrogated and scolded a bit for being in a house that was meant for a selected number of boys. Eventually, Wycliffe was invited to church by the same Pastor, where he finally gave his life to Christ. After having an encounter with Christ, he realized his gift of singing talent and he activated it by joining the praise and worship in his church.

Despite facing challenges as he was upcoming in the industry, he says he encouraged himself in the Lord, having the knowledge that challenges are a part of salvation, but the Lord strengthens his servants at all times. Having gone through loss and grief after losing his mother, Wycliffe says that his salvation was tried, but he held on to God, accepting God’s will and living by it. After the loss, he recorded his first song ‘He leadeth me’ and after that Mungu wa Agano (God of Covenant). After a while, Wycliffe lost his father, whom he had never met and once again his heart was shuttered. From this similar and bitter experience, he recorded ‘Niko Salama’ (I am Safe). He is still writing and recording music to date as he forges his way through the ministry getting stronger and better every day.

Wycliffe encourages the young man and woman who feels as if all is gone, that there is hope in Christ. “The lord has the blueprint of everyone’s life and the moment you give your life to Christ he activates it and his goodness starts to manifest. Nothing is too big for God to solve and therefore you should not be afraid to surrender.”

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